As an engineer, you create the cutting-edge instrumentation and technology that makes science happen. Our engineers are here to provide the tools to push the boundaries of science – and to explore ways to translate new technologies into practical applications.

Join us and you could play a key role in building and running prestige facilities, such as our world-leading particle accelerator and lasers. You could be devising cutting edge solutions in areas like materials science, space technology and ultra-fast supercomputing.

Your work will directly help the groundbreaking research we do happen and your expertise could even inspire new products and equipment that change lives in the UK and around the world.

We employ engineers across many different disciplines, including electrical, electronics, mechanical and across operations, design and build and project management, from instrumentation to major structures. The calibre and expertise of our staff, and our project and quality management expertise, enables us to deliver unique and advanced high performance engineering projects.

Whether you are beginning or furthering your career, you will be in the right place to test your skills and build your technical know-how on complex, high-profile projects. There are also opportunities to develop as a manager and leader.