Exploring the unknown. Tackling tough problems. Advancing knowledge. The research we undertake and support is ambitious in scope and far-reaching in its impact.

As a Scientist, (Chemist, Physicist or Biologist) at STFC, you tackle the pressing questions in Big Science – using facilities that stand comparison with any in the world, in collaboration with the very highest-calibre of engineers and technologists.

Many of our projects involve collaboration with universities, industry or other partners in the UK and worldwide. There are regularly opportunities to travel and learn abroad – and to attend conferences and events.

You’re given the space and resources to run research projects the right way – within a like-minded community of experts. The discoveries you make won’t just expand the world’s understanding of your discipline, they could translate directly into real work applications that change lives.   

“Working on a particle accelerator has meant true job variety – I’ve never had two projects alike”

Tristan Canfer, ISIS, Electronic Technician