Vision and Values

STFC is home to an incredibly diverse array of research, technology and engineering projects – and each one promises to fire the imagination. Our work is focused on Inspiring Impact – to make a real-world difference to people’s lives and the environment around us.

“As a parent, I find the flexible working arrangements at STFC make a huge difference to my ability to balance the demands of work and family life, and ultimately to my own wellbeing. Hybrid working and flexible hours means I can focus on getting my work done in a way that fits with my caring responsibilities.’ Dr Katharine Robertson, STFC Daresbury Laboratory”

Katherine Robertson, Head of Impact, Hartree Centre

Our vision

We seek to understand the Universe from the largest astronomical scales to the tiniest constituents of matter, while creating an impact on a very tangible, human scale. We are delivering this through our three strategic goals of delivering world-class research, world-class innovation, and world-class skills.

Our values

The way we work, both with partners and internally, is guided by our values:

We will work in partnership with the UK’s diverse community. Our priorities are to:

  • Increase the power of research and innovation to deliver for the UK, working hand in hand with businesses, universities, charities, independent research institutes, the national academies and other stakeholders
  • Work across the whole of the UK, respecting the responsibilities of the devolved governments and their funding agencies, and commit to working closely with the Office for Students in England
  • Maintain the UK’s reputation for research and innovation excellence, nurture out many international collaborations and aim to catalyse new ones

We will ensure quality, value for money and sustainability are embedded in everything we do. Our priorities are to:

  • Work in partnership with those at the front line of research and innovation to identify emerging opportunities
  • Balance these with key national strategic priorities identified through working in partnership with government
  • Continue the commitment of the Haldane principle and make funding decisions on the basis of excellence. We will make proper use of expert review in our research funding and assessment processes and continually strive to maximise our impact and efficiency
  • Work with stakeholders in the research system to review the key strategic drivers that ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of the UK system, and advise on the balance of funding across disciplines and for the dual support system

We will build on international best practice, learn from what works as well as what doesn’t, innovate and take risks.

  • We will build on existing strengths across our nine councils and ensure they work together in synergy, in partnership with the devolved funding bodies
  • We will be flexible and agile, try new approaches, and seize new opportunities
  • Achieving the best research and innovation is an uncertain and risky business. We will support talented researchers and innovators to step into the unknown and to take risks
  • We will engage with the public, to support and help to deliver the best outcomes


We will be independent and objective, supporting our work with rigorous analysis. We are committed to robust monitoring and evaluation of the outputs and outcomes of our work.

  • We will promote and safeguard the public value of research and innovation
  • We will ensure decisions are based on evidence and rigorous analysis. We will champion evidence-based policymaking across government
  • We will be robust in our monitoring and evaluation and share guidance on what works – and what does not

Great and varied work

Fire your imagination in a role that is interesting and exciting. The challenge is always evolving, so you’ll always be learning. You’ll contribute to human discovery on an unprecedented scale.

Community of experts

Find your place within a collaborative, dedicated team who are generous with time and knowledge. Share their curiosity and love for learning. In return, you’ll find trust, support and plenty of enthusiasm for your ideas.

Impactful work

Change the world around you by working on the big stuff – the projects that touch many lives. This is prestigious work that builds on our reputation for excellence, at the cutting edge of science and engineering.

The right environment

Flourish in the world-leading facilities that support your professional development at every step. We’ll help you find your work-life balance so you can truly make your life work with work, and vice versa.

Bringing your ‘whole self’ to work

It takes all of who you are to bring your best to the work place so we strive to create an environment that will allow you to feel safe and secure enough to bring your ‘whole self’ to work.